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Our optometrist in College Station, Dr. Justin Mays, welcomes you to the official website for Crystal Vision Center. We're proud of our ability to provide you, your loved ones and the entire community with a high standard of eye care, from that routine annual eye exam and pediatric eye care to treatment of complex, vision-threatening disorders. We hope you'll take a moment to learn more about our many services and products -- because we want to become your source for College Station eye care!

Having a regular, trusted optometrist in College Station can make all the difference in your lifelong vision and eye health. Our eye doctor can diagnose and treat conditions ranging from eye infections and dry eye syndrome to glaucoma, cataracts, macular degeneration. Some of these conditions are progressive and irreversible, early intervention is critical for preserving your eyesight. Dr. Mays has the skills, experience, expertise and technologies necessary to safeguard your eye health and function -- and that of your whole family -- for decades to come. 

Our College Station Eye Care Services 

Eye & Vision Exams - A regular eye exam is critical for detecting diseases and disorders early enough to provide the most effective treatment. Our eye doctor also performs vision exams to see whether you have refractive disorders that need correcting.

Contact Lens Exams - Contact lenses require additional testing and measurement to ensure an exact fit over your corneas. We can perform these exams at the same time as your vision exam.

Pediatric Vision - Babies should receive their first eye evaluation at the age of 6 months. We can monitor your children's eye health, function and visual acuity throughout their growing years, prescribing vision correction if necessary so they can get the most out of these formative years.

Eye Surgery - If you require a surgical procedure such as cataract removal, LASIK eye surgery or iridectomy (a form of glaucoma treatment), we can advise you on your options and provide all the necessary pre-operative and post-operative evaluations necessary to ensure that you enjoy optimal results.

Computer Vision - Many hours of staring at a computer monitor can leave you with strained, red, dry, irritated eyes. We can prescribe medications, fit you with anti-glare glasses and suggest lifestyle adjustments to help you overcome this issue.

Sports Vision - Athletes require the sharpest possible vision. We can examine factors such as focus (convergence), eye teaming, eye dominance, recommending therapies and other treatments for any imperfections we discover.

Optical Products - Why go to a separate optician? Crystal Vision Center has a wide range of high-quality eyeglass frames and sunglasses to choose from. We also offer hard-to-fit contact lens options such as multifocal contacts.

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