An Overview of Astigmatism from Crystal Vision Center

At Crystal Vision Center, we see a variety of vision problems. One of them has to do with astigmatism. Similar to myopia and hyperopia, this is a condition that can make it hard for someone to see clearly. There are a few questions that patients in College Station commonly have when it comes to astigmatism. At Crystal Vision Center, we strive to answer them.


Commonly Asked Questions About Astigmatism

When patients come to see us at Crystal Vision Center, there are a few common questions they ask. Some of them include:

What is an Astigmatism Test?

There are a few ways that we can test for astigmatism. We start with a thorough eye exam to figure out what "degree" someone's vision is. Then, we will test the individual fields as well. Based on the results of these tests, we can diagnose someone with astigmatism.

What are some Astigmatism Symptoms?

Astigmatism can present in a variety of ways depending on how severe someone's symptoms are. Blurry vision is one of the most commons symptoms that patients will report. Some people also complain of headaches that result from having to strain their eyes all day.

How Bad is My Astigmatism?

Based on the results of our testing, we will be able to let you know to what degree your astigmatism has progressed. This eye prescription is going to play an important role in helping us correct your astigmatism. Remember that no matter how bad your astigmatism might be, we have tools to help you.

What Causes Astigmatism to Worsen?

Astigmatism can worsen due to a variety of causes. In some cases, astigmatism may start to worsen because someone's eyes are growing and changing. This is common in astigmatism in children. In other cases, astigmatism might worsen because it goes untreated for an extended period of time.

How to Correct Astigmatism?

We can correct astigmatism using corrective lenses. This will allow someone to see clearly. Later on, someone might also be a candidate for laser eye surgery. This can remove someone's need to rely on corrective lenses. These are a few of the treatment options we may discuss.

Trust the Team from Crystal Vision Center

At Crystal Vision Center, we place the needs of our patients first. We believe that everyone deserves to have access to an eye doctor or optometrist who will conduct a thorough eye exam and advocate for his or her patients. If you would like to learn more about our services and how we can help you, then please reach out to us today to make an appointment. We would be honored to help you.


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