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Importance of Dilation

Importance of Dilation From Your Optometrist In College Station

Eye doctors regularly use special drops to help dilate a patient's pupils during comprehensive vision exams. As your optometrist in College Station, we encourage most of our patients to opt for eye dilation during their exams. Understanding the benefits of eye dilation and how it can help your eye doctor can help you decide whether or not eye dilation is right for you.eye dilation from your optometrist in college station

What Happens During Eye Dilation

To dilate your eyes for your eye exam, your eye doctor will put several drops into your eyes. Dilation takes about 30 minutes, or less if your eyes are a light color like blue or green. Once the eyes are fully dilated, you'll be sensitive to light. You may also find it difficult to focus on objects that are close to your face. Dilation doesn't hurt, but your eyes may feel tight or strange. These effects wear off with time.

Until your eyes are able to return to their normal state, you may need to wear sunglasses outside. You may also need to ask someone to drive you home, as your visual clarity will be compromised.

Why You Should Opt For Eye Dilation During Your Exam

Dilation helps eye doctors see the entire retina. This helps your eye doctor diagnose conditions like macular degeneration and glaucoma. Eye dilation can also help your eye doctor detect problems like a retinal tear or ocular degeneration.

Without eye dilation, your eye doctor may not be able to diagnose these conditions. People who are at particular risk for these problems, like people who smoke, should be especially careful to get an eye exam with eye dilation at least once per year.

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As your eye doctor in College Station, we take your eye care very seriously. If you haven't had an eye exam with eye dilation in the last year, contact Crystal Vision Center in College Station, TX for an appointment. Call us at 979-764-0669. Ask about our new client special! We look forward to meeting with you!


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