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Toys To Avoid That Can Cause Eye Injuries

Toys to Avoid That Can Cause Eye Injuries in Children 

Boy staying safe from injuries because he avoided dangerous toys.

Parents love to see the excited reactions of children when they open up their presents. However, your eye doctor in College Station has seen many cases where children sustain eye injuries because they were playing with dangerous toys. Read on for examples of toys that your kids should stay away from to protect their vision.

Safeguarding Vision from Dangerous Toys

Any optometrist or other eye care professional will tell you that the key to keeping vision safe in children is to avoid exposing them to toys that pose a threat. Your eye doctor in College Station wants you to pay particular attention to the following types of dangerous toys:

* Laser Pointers

While not marketed as a toy, kids enjoy playing with laser pointers, such as to stimulate their pet cat, who will love chasing the beam of light around the room. Looking at the laser beam can cause temporary blindness as well as vision loss that is permanent.

* Projectile Shooting Guns

Guns that fire pellets, BBs, chunks of potatoes and other projectiles pose extreme danger to the eyes and you should never let your kids play with them. 

* Water Guns

Water guns may seem like good, harmless fun, but a strong stream of water shot directly into the eyes of your child can result in a detached retina. Toy guns that launch water balloons are equally menacing and can cause permanent vision loss.

* Fake Swords

Kids enjoy running around staging play fights using plastic swords, magic wands and toy guns that have bayonets. While it’s a great way for them to get exercise while having fun with friends, a simple accident can wind up taking someone’s eye out.

* Toy Fishing Poles

The potential for eye trauma is high when parents give children toy fishing poles. They can be injured by one end of the pole poking them in the eye. An object such as a fake fishing lure or hook tied to the end of the fishing line poses a risk to your kid’s vision because it can easily fly into an eye during casting.

Schedule Your Child’s Annual Eye Exam at Crystal Vision Center Today!

Prudent parents will be diligent about keeping dangerous toys away from children to help protect their vision. It’s also prudent to bring your child to the optometrist once a year for routine eye examinations. If it’s been a year since your last visit with eye care professionals, you’ll want to connect with the team at Crystal Vision Center today to make an appointment. We are now offering a new client special. Please ask about it when you call!

What is the most dangerous toy that your child has ever played with? We hope that nothing bad happened, but we would like you to let us know in the comments section. 


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