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Computer Vision Syndrome Treatment With Your College Station Optometrist

Computer vision syndrome is commonly seen by our College Station optometrist. If your job, study regimen or daily life has you staring at computer monitors and mobile device screens all day long, it may come as no great surprise when you experience a form of digital eye strain known as computer vision syndrome, or CVS. This affliction causes discomfort and vision problems -- and over time, exposure to harmful blue light frequencies can do lasting damage to your eyes. But you can save your eyesight from this modern-day occupational hazard by consulting Crystal Vision Center, where we offer a variety of eye care options to help prevent bouts of CVS.

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Signs of Computer Vision Syndrome

Digital screens can provide marvelous clarity, but they also present certain problems for the eyes. Glare from an LED screen can strain and irritate the eyes, and the constant focus on text can tire the muscles that control focusing power. Additionally, the eyes tend to blink much less frequently while they're viewing a digital screen, and the reduction in blink rate can cause dry eyes. A non-ergonomic monitor angle that forces the head to tilt downward can further aggravate your discomfort. All of these factors can work together to leave you with red, itchy, tired eyes as well as headaches, blurred vision and neck pain. This is computer vision syndrome.

The type of light emitted by digital devices is another troubling aspect of computer vision syndrome. Much of the glare that strains your eyes comes from high energy visible (HEB) light, a frequency band in the blue part of the spectrum. This blue light not only irritates the eyes, but it can also accelerate the development of macular degeneration and other retinal changes that produce permanent vision loss.

CVS Diagnosis and Eye Care from Our Optometrist in College Station

Our optometrist in College Station, Dr. Justin Mays, can help you get over your CVS symptoms and avoid falling prey to it in the future. We can provide you with:

  • Blue-blocking lenses - Modern lens crafting techniques include lenses that appear clear but actually have a blue-blocking filter built right into them. This filtering layer blocks HEV light to reduce eye strain and eye health concerns.

  • Tinted lenses - If you want even more glare protection that normal anti-glare coatings or blue-blocking lenses provide, we can make tinted lenses in warm colors that naturally block blue light and boost apparent contrast.

  • Workplace and lifestyle changes - Our eye doctor can advise you on altering your screen height and brightness, changing your room lighting, taking regular "vision breaks" at work and other helpful preventative tips.

Ask Our College Station Eye Doctor About Your Computer Vision Syndrome

In addition to computer vision syndrome, an undiagnosed refractive error or out-of-date corrective prescription could be straining your eyes. Call 979-764-0669 for a comprehensive eye and vision exam and CVS treatment options from our optometrist in college Station. We can help your eyes survive and thrive in the modern digital world! Contact us today!


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