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Contact Lens Exams From Our Eye Doctor in College Station

Are you intrigued by the possibility of correcting your vision through the discreet modern marvels known as contact lenses? Whether you've gotten tired or relying on eyeglasses, you want an alternative to your glasses or you're getting your first corrective lenses of any kind, contact lenses make a great choice for many individuals. But if you want contacts that are comfortable, effective and safe for your eyes, there's one all-important procedure you'll need to undergo first: a contact lens exam. Our eye doctor in College Station, Dr. Justin Mays, can administer contact lens exams to help you end up with the perfect pair of contacts.

contact lens exams from eye doctor in college station

A Critical Step Toward Receiving the Right Contact Lenses

Contact lenses make demands that eyeglasses do not. Eyeglasses may require a certain amount of fitting to ensure that they provide clear vision correction while perched on your nose, but contact lenses complicate things by sitting directly on your cornea, cushioned only by a thin layer of tear film. If they don't fit just right, you may experience blurred vision or discomfort at best -- and eye injuries at worst. Contact lens exams are an essential step in finding the ideal fit for your prospective lenses.

Our optometrist must accomplish several objectives in the course of a contact lens exam. Eye measurements are one obvious requirement. The cornea, pupil, and iris of both eyes are measured with extreme precision. The basic curvature of your cornea is obtained through a refractive testing process called keratometry. A state-of-the-art technique called digital corneal topography then measures every tiny variation in the corneal contours, enabling us to compensate for issues such as astigmatism.

Hard-to-Fit Eyes? Our Optometrist Can Help

What kinds of contacts suit your health and lifestyle? Our eye doctor in college Station will review the options with you as part of your contact lens exam. For example, if you prefer the most maintenance-free routine possible, you may need single-use disposable lenses. If you'd rather leave your lenses in your eyes for days or even weeks at a time, you'll need extended-wear lenses designed for that purpose.

Health and vision questions will also factor in your decision. If your eyes are sensitive to the proteins that accumulate on soft lenses (a condition called giant papillary conjunctivitis), we may suggest rigid gas permeable contacts as an alternative. Dry eyes and eye with extreme corneal abnormalities do well with scleral lenses that vault right over the cornea. We can also prescribe specialized lenses for presbyopia, astigmatism and strong corrective prescriptions.

Schedule Your Contact Lens Exam at Crystal Vision Center

If you're ready to achieve crystal-clear vision through a new pair of contact lenses, then you're ready to schedule a contact lens exam at Crystal Vision Center. (If it's your first visit, you can even take advantage of our new clients' special offers.) Call 979-764-0669 today to set up an appointment! We look forward to meeting you!


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