Eye Allergies

How an Eye Doctor Helps Treat Eye Allergies

If you have itchy, watery eyes, especially during the spring or fall, you may have eye allergies. While you can try common home remedies like washing your eyes or using over the counter antihistamine pills, you may want to schedule an eye exam with us. Talking to an eye doctor about your itchy eyes ensures that you get the correct treatment for your problem. At Crystal Vision Center in College Station, eye allergies exams and treatments are among the many services we offer.


Symptoms of Allergies

Symptoms of eye allergies are uncomfortable and can keep you from enjoying your life. Redness, itchiness, watering, swollen upper eyelids, and swelling are the most common symptoms of allergies, also known as allergic conjunctivitis. Some people may even experience discomfort and sensitivity to light. If you have any of these symptoms or notice them in your child, make an optometrist appointment as soon as possible to find relief in the form of eye drops for kids, eye allergies drops, or other options for how to treat your eye allergies.

Causes of Eye Allergies

You likely will suspect that you have eye allergies when symptoms appear in the same circumstances or times of the year. For instance, you may have red eyes whenever the weather report indicates high levels of pollen in your area. However, outdoor triggers such as pollen and mold are not the only causes of eye swelling and itching.

Some people have reactions to indoor allergens such as mold, animal dander, dust, and smoke. People allergic to these things tend to have allergy problems all year long instead of just once or twice a year.

Both outdoor and indoor allergy triggers produce the symptoms of eye allergies due to the body’s overreaction. The body views allergens as a threat, sending signals to the immune system to start working overtime to create antibodies and other protective substances. Your eyes produce histamine, which leads to the redness, swelling, and watering common to eye allergies.

Whether you have annual or perennial allergy problems, you can get treatment for your eyes to see clearly and reduce your allergy symptoms.

When to See an Optometrist

If you feel that home remedies don’t work or if you are not sure what causes your eye swelling, swollen upper eyelid, redness, or itching, come see one of our eye doctors. A comprehensive exam will rule out any other causes of your symptoms, and the eye doctor can recommend eye allergies drops or another form of treatment.

Treatments for Allergies from an Eye Doctor

Only an optometrist can give you expert advice on how to treat a swollen eye, or remedies for your itchy, watery eyes, especially if you don’t know the cause. You may need allergy drops that have an antihistamine in them to prevent some of your allergy symptoms. Some people may require steroid eye drops, which relieve inflammation. A child with eye problems may need eye drops for kids.

Schedule an Appointment with Crystal Vision Center

Visiting an optometrist is important when you have any concerns about your eyes. Only an eye doctor can determine if allergies or any other problems caused your symptoms. Schedule an eye exam to get the right treatment for your allergic conjunctivitis. An optometrist will decide if steroid eye drops or allergy drops are best for your condition, in addition to assessing your vision and the health of your eyes.

Don’t go through another allergy season with swollen, red, and itchy eyes. Contact us at Crystal Vision Center in College Station at (979) 764-0669 to make an appointment or to talk to our office staff. You can also schedule your appointment online through our portal. Let us help you to see more clearly by getting the treatment you need for your eye allergies.


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