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Polarized Lenses from a College Station Optometrist

If you spend a lot of time outdoors, you’re probably wondering how to reduce glare so you can enjoy your time more. Those who engage in water sports, athletes and adventure seekers want crystal clear vision without being blinded by the sun on water, snow or simply shining down from the sky. If this describes you, it’s time to see an optometrist and learn more about your sunglasses options today.

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Protecting Your Vision

Polarized lenses reduce much of the glare from horizontal surfaces, at the same time protecting your vision from damage. Moreover, polarized glasses reduce your need to squint, which can prevent headaches and wrinkles. They’re also safer, because you’re not compromising your vision by shutting your eyes.

If you’re interested in polarized lenses, it’s time to contact an optometrist in College Station today. Your optometrist will help you find the right pair, and ensure that they will work for your lifestyle and the environments you’ll be in regularly. Before you choose your sunglasses, however, it’s important to know what all the options are.

Polarized V. Photochromic Glasses

When comparing polarized glasses to photochromic glasses, they are not entirely the same. Photochromic glasses are the kind that are clear when inside in low light, and fade to dark when you step outside. Polarized glasses, on the other hand, are dark all the time. They are made in such a way as to substantially reduce glare – for instance, from watery environments – without compromising the clarity of your vision.

Polarized glasses work by filtering light perpendicular to the angle at which it reaches your eyes. While sunlight is not polarized, and therefore can come from any direction, the light that bounces off of horizontal surfaces (like the ground or the water) is very horizontal. Polarized glasses address this by using vertical lines to block the light, kind of like how blinds block sun streaming in through a window.

Be warned that polarized glasses should not be used for downhill skiing. The special nature of the glasses blocks light in such a way that bumps and irregularities in the ground may be concealed, which could prove very dangerous when you’re moving fast. Talk to your optometrist about the best alternative if you are a downhill skier.

For now, very few lenses combine photochromic and polarizing effects. You can ask your optometrist about the options for combining them.

Come See If Polarized Lenses Are Right For You

Crystal Vision Center is your full-service eye and vision care provider. We provide regular optometry services as well as emergencies and sell sunglasses to help you protect your vision from the sun long-term. We have a variety of devoted patients throughout the College Station area, proving the excellence of our approach and the effectiveness of our services.

If you’re ready to make an appointment to learn more about protecting your eyes and getting polarized lenses, please call us at 979-764-0669 today. We look forward to hearing from you, and look forward to creating a lasting relationship even more.


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