Crystal Vision Center: Your Full Service Eye Care Provider

We are a vision and eye care office that serves patients in the College Station area. Here at Crystal Vision Center, we are dedicated to providing quality care to patients to ensure their overall eye health is top-notch. Not only do we allow patients to schedule appointments, but we also handle most eye emergencies. Patients consider Crystal Vision Center to be their one stop source of personalized and attentive eye care.

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Our College Station Vision Services

Dr. Mays and his team offer a number of services related to visual health to patients of all ages. As an optometrist in College Station, which is known for its diverse and vibrant population, Dr. Mays strives to tailor the services offered by Crystal Vision Center to suit the varied needs of his patients.

Eye & Vision Exams

All patients should undergo an eye exam at least once every year to check the overall health of the eyes and vision as well as to detect signs of abnormalities. Annual eye exams are necessary to detect the possible development of eye diseases, such as glaucoma. During annual eye exams, patients will also receive updates to their eyeglass and contact lens prescriptions. 

Contact Lens Exams

If you're tired of wearing eyeglasses every day, you can schedule a contact lens exam with Crystal Vision Center. During the exam, Dr. Mays will thoroughly evaluate the eye and vision health in order to recommend the proper contact lens option for your needs. Patients dealing with hard to fit contact lenses can also receive advice and help from Dr. Mays and his team.

Pediatric Vision

Here at Crystal Vision Center, we offer pediatric care to children aged 3 to 21 years. We will provide quality care to ensure that your children grow up to have healthy eyes and excellent vision. It is recommended that your children have their first eye exam as early as possible so that we can detect any developmental issues before they worsen and permanently affect the eye health of your children.  

LASIK Eye Surgery

If you don't want to wear corrective eye glasses or contact lenses, you can undergo LASIK eye surgery to achieve perfect vision. Patients who have undergone LASIK eye surgery here at Crystal Vision Center have received effective treatment when it comes to myopia, hyperopia, and other conditions.

Computer Vision

We offer eye care that is tailored to intensive computer use for patients who are on the computer for hours every day due to their profession. Our care will help you avoid eye problems associated with squinting at small screens day in and out.

Sports Vision

If you play sports, it is important to take steps to ensure that you maintain your eye health. Sports injuries can easily cause damage to the health of the eye and the compromise of the quality of vision.

Other Conditions Treated at Crystal Vision Center

Here at Crystal Vision Center, we treat a number of conditions related to eye health. Some of these conditions include the removal of foreign objects, dry eyes, and eye infections.

For more information about the services we provide here at Crystal Vision Center, don't hesitate to contact us. Just call us today at 979-764-0669  to talk to Dr. Mays, our certified eye doctor, a member of our experienced and qualified team in College Station. 


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