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Treatment of Eye Diseases and Disorders from Our College Station Optometrist

Eye diseases and disorders can range from a mild irritation or injury to progressive conditions that cause irreversible loss of vision. Since you only go through life with one pair eyes, you want to make absolutely certain that you and your loved ones have a trusted eye care resource to turn to at all times.

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Here at Crystal Vision Center, our optometrist in College Station, Dr. Justin Mays, is ready to evaluate your eye problem and prescribe the necessary treatment. Our eye doctor can help you cope with conditions such as:

  • Cataracts - Cataracts occur when the eye's lens grows opaque. This condition commonly comes on with age, but excessive UV exposure, certain medications and underlying diseases such as diabetes can also trigger it. We can usually compensate for slow-growing cataracts by strengthening your corrective lens prescription until/unless the condition grows intrusive enough to require surgery. We can then co-manage your surgery by providing pre-surgical an post-surgical care.

  • Glaucoma - Glaucoma destroys optic nerves. It's usually related to high fluid pressure inside the eye. If tonometry (pressure testing) and other evaluations reveal the presence of glaucoma, our College Station optometrist can prescribe medications to help you get that fluid pressure under control.

  • Astigmatism - Astigmatism is a more complex refractive error than nearsightedness or farsightedness. This condition is created by tiny irregularities in the curvature of the cornea. This may cause areas of nearsightedness, farsightedness or a combination of the two. We can treat this disorder with eyeglasses, toric or rigid gas-permeable contact lenses, or by co-managing a laser surgery procedure called LASIK.

  • Foreign Body Removal - An object in your eye not only causes excruciating discomfort, but it might also cause serious damage to the affected eye. Trust our eye doctor to find and remove the offending foreign body.

  • Dry Eye Care - Dry eyes can lead to chronic redness, irritation, vision problems and possibly even corneal damage. We can discover the cause of your problem and create a program of dry eye care just for you.

  • Infections - Viral or bacterial infections can cause conjunctivitis (pinkeye) and other problems. We can treat that infection with the appropriate medications, eye drops and other soothing measures.

  • Allergies - Eye allergies can cause chronic dryness, itchiness, watery eyes or even conjunctivitis. We can prescribe eye drops and other treatments for your allergy while suggesting lifestyle adjustments to help you avoid the problem going forward.

Schedule Essential Eye Care in College Station

In addition to providing immediate care for the eye diseases and disorders noted above, our eye doctor can also alert you to other issues such as signs of diabetic retinopathy. Dr. Mays can then direct you toward your primary care provider to get those underlying health problems under control. Whether you're coping with an acute problem or looking to prevent future vision loss, Crystal Vision Center can help. Call 979-764-0669 for an appointment!


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  • "We use Anderson Optometry for all of our family’s vision needs. Recently, we had to have our youngest fitted for new glasses and he made the experience fun for her and informative for us. We know Dr. Anderson will always take good care of our family’s eye care and that’s why we wouldn’t go to anywhere else."
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  • "Dr. Anderson and his staff are so patient and friendly. Dr. Anderson prescribed me glasses and I had the toughest time picking out frames. They didn’t rush, but instead made helpful suggestions and now I have an awesome pair of frames, not to mention the fact that I can see ten times better than before. You guys are the best!"