Optometrist in College Station Discusses the Optomap Machine

An eye exam helps our eye doctor determine if you need eyeglasses and detect early signs of eye disease. Now our optometrist in College Station has a new tool to detect early signs of other illnesses – the Optomap machine.

woman getting optomap services from College Station optometrist

Regular eye exams look at the front of your eye to evaluate your vision, determine eyeglass prescriptions and assess your overall health. Tissue inside your eyes can give health practitioners deeper insight into your vision and overall health. The Optomap machine helps eye doctors get a better look at the blood vessels and other structures deep inside your eyes, which can lead to early detection of certain diseases, such as diabetes, glaucoma, macular degeneration and even cancer.

Some of the first signs of these diseases appear in the retina, often before other symptoms develop. An Optomap makes it easier for your eye doctor to detect these diseases early, while treatment is more likely to be effective.

Optomap for Better Vision With A College Station Optometrist

The Optomap machine takes a panoramic picture of your retina, which is the light-sensitive tissue lining the interior of your eye. The retina is the only place in the body where your blood vessels are directly visible. Our eye doctor then looks for evidence of disease in these blood vessels.

To undergo Optomap, you simply look into the device one eye at a time, somewhat like peeking into a keyhole. A comfortable flash of light lets you know that the Optomap has taken a picture of your retina.

It takes only a moment to capture the picture and images are available for viewing immediately. Have you ever seen your retina? Here is your chance! You can see exactly what our College Station optometrist sees – even in 3D animation. The Optomap provides a clear view of more than 80 percent of your retina. Traditional imaging only captures about 15 percent of the retina. Our optometrist will save the images created by the Optomap in your patient file for future comparisons.

In some cases, our eye doctor may administer eye drops to dilate, or enlarge, the pupil to get a better picture of the back of your eye.

An Optomap exam is fast, comfortable and painless, which makes it suitable for the whole family. Nothing ever touches your eye. Optomap is perfect for patients whose eyes are too sensitive for dilation used with other eye tests. In more than 39 million sessions, no adverse effects associated with Optomap have been reported.

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Talk with our eye doctor to determine when you should have your first Optomap scan and how often you should undergo repeat testing. It is never too early to start Optomap testing, as many diseases begin in early childhood.

Get a better picture of your health with an Optomap exam at Crystal Vision Center. Make your appointment with Crystal Vision Center today!


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